Like you, we are fascinated by the hundreds of beneficial effects of CBD treatment. We realized that more people need to hear about these benefits and opt for a natural and simple way to treat their health problems.

Equipped with determination and a lot of passion, we opened Dr. Wemper - a 100% Romanian project.

All products are made entirely and legally in Romania. We carefully supervise the production process, and thereby our products are wholly organic and ecological.


CBD products are made in 3 steps - Cultivation, Extraction, and Sale. Starting from this idea, we formed an initial team of three personages, each passionate about the industry - Constantin, Iaroslav, and Victor. We are excited to bring CBD products to the level they deserve.

Like a team of superheroes, we dedicated our time and knowledge to create Dr. Wemper - an ecological, sustainable, and 100% Romanian company. We know what extraordinary effects CBD treatment can have and we care that you understand how the products you use are created.


All CBD products sold in Romania are imported from other countries - especially from the United States.

There is nothing wrong with that - but we like to know where our products come from, how they are made and who sells them. That's why Dr. Wemper's project is 100% Romanian - from hemp cultivation to CBD oil extraction and preparation for sale.


We know that few people really understand the extraordinary effects of CBD oil. We were taught from an early age that the only solutions are chemicals - pills, powders, analysis, etc.

But the truth is that many health problems can be handled in a natural, simple, and environmentally friendly way. We do not claim to accomplish miracles, but we have the certainty that current chemical solutions on the market often do more harm than good.

Our mission is to inform Romanians - to familiarize them with CBD products, to help them treat themselves naturally, to simplify their lives. That's why we personally take care of every stage of the production process - that's the only way we feel comfortable guaranteeing you the best CBD products on the market.


Our vision is to help people understand the extraordinary effects of CBD products and make a 100% informed decision about their treatment methods.

That's why we are with our customers throughout the familiarization and testing process - we help them understand the products, choose the most suitable ones for them and simplify their lives along the way.

Currently, we are only in Romania, but our objectives are to expand to the rest of Europe - maintaining the same standards of quality, accessibility, and customer relations.